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Bill Jacoutot - 2008 National High School Coach of the Year
BILL JACOUTOT ________________________________________________ ____________________
Bill Jacoutot has amassed a career record that takes a back seat to no one in any sport.

For thirty-one years, Bill has excelled on every level of coaching, leading his team to record setting performances.

In building The Pinnacle System, Bill has effectively leveraged 33 years of tried and true experience, creating one of the greatest systems designed to make any athletic team or organization achieve top-notch results . He has spent the last ten years speaking, teaching and consulting on how to leverage success in business through the foundation of athletics.

When asked what makes his teams and approach so successful, you will hear Bill respond, "Building a top notch athletic team, department or company, is not something you can take a step back from and admire when complete. It is an ongoing process of design, laying the foundations, forming, building, bonding, changing, detailing, refining and renovating. We never quite get it right. It is never perfect and it is always under construction. Understanding this concept is one of the pillars for continued success."

Bill's mixture of structure, passion, humor and story-telling challenges his listeners in exciting, entertaining and meaningful ways! Bill's energy, intensity, and commitment will help you produce lasting results for your business, organization, school or athletic team.
Business and management turn to Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, ISO 900x, ITIL, or QMS standards and processes as the best way to achieve success for their company. They often over look their most valuable resources- their employees. Today more than ever, leadership needs to be able to foster the proper relationship with their employees and leverage teamwork to overcome mediocrity and achieve greatness.

Bill Jacoutot has created a proven, structured, repeatable methodology to drive success by minimizing variation and implementing standards of performance to drive the desired behavior. He has taken the average and made them better while stretching the good to become great.

After a decade of speaking, consulting and writing, Bill has a depth of material to use in crafting a message specific to your organization and environment. Based on your objectives, Bill can tailor an existing program around your meeting theme, or develop a presentation unique to your group.

Presentation Topics:
• Implementing The Pinnacle System
• Leadership In Business
• So Now You Are The Head Coach!
With over 30 years of coaching experience, Bill can demonstrate and share his techniques and his secrets that resulted in his selection as the 2008 National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) National Coach of the Year.

Other notable coaching honors include a 387-34-2 record, 5 Nationally Ranked Teams, 7 NYS Team Championship titles, 21 Section V Team Titles, 11 NYS Individual Champions and 34 NYS Individual Place Finishers.

Geared towards Coaching Clinics, Youth, Jr and HS Camps
Bill is also available for your academic institution or professional organization. Bill has a time tested and proven method to foster a team environment. Bill can work together with your group through recurring meetings, focusing each time on some particular subject or topic, in which everyone present is requested to actively participate.

Presentation Topics:
• Building And Sustaining A
  Championship Program
• So Now You Are The Head Coach!
Bill Jacoutot awarded the 2008 National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA) National Coach of the Year - The Pinnacle System 30 Bernie Lane, Rochester, NY 14624 585.698.9490 |
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